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Founding Project Club Virtual Germany

We searched for an online project and found a non-profit business founded by a Soroptimist of SI Club Lübeck, Germany. So, with the help of, we set up a digital session where 110 graduating high school students from all over Germany met digitally and learned about a wide variety of careers.  

At the beginning, everyone meets in a digital room and the professions are briefly presented by professionals (called Inspirateurs) via films. Then each student can choose which of the offered professions he/she would like to learn more about and go to the corresponding break-out sessions (small digital room). There, the Inspirateurs will briefly introduce the profession and there will be plenty of time and space for the students to ask questions.

Since there are usually only around 10 students in these small rooms, a relatively protected space is created and the young people can ask any questions they have about the profession. Afterwards, the students can also choose a second profession and get more information - furthermore, there is the possibility to change the room at any time. We from the SI-Club Virtual Germany also took an active part, because all of us - the whole club - made ourselves available as Inspirateurs.

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We had a lot of fun with the preparation, because for each club member and her profession a short video was shot and a powerpoint slide was created. We had to think about what and how we present ourselves and our professions - what are the advantages, what are the disadvantages. Can I recommend this profession to young people today - why am I doing this profession, why did I choose it....? There were stimulating conversations, because we don't often reflect on these questions anymore. 

At first, we had difficulties finding students. Since we wanted to make our offer available for the whole of Germany, the choice of date was also not easy because of the different vacation periods in different parts of Germany. We also misjudged or underestimated the length of time it takes to make decisions at schools. But fortunately, was able to help us there, as they already have a good network with interested schools.  

We were also impressed by the session itself. It was great to see the high level of interest from the young people and to answer the many interested questions. It was a good opportunity for contact with the young generation, which is not common for many of us. 

After the session, there was an exchange among the Inspirateurs, where we were able to talk about our experiences in the break-out rooms, which were quite different and also rather funny.  

All in all, we were enthusiastic and would like to offer such a session for young women on a regular basis. Giving young people the opportunity to find out about a wide range of careers on a digital platform is not only contemporary and modern, but also sustainable - because no one has to drive around to any career fair.   

The young people also get in touch with a variety of professions, which are missing at some job fairs. Often there are only the financially strong companies of the region. - We are from all over Germany and have no vested interest in recruiting - therefore we are neutral.   

The format also offers the opportunity to ask questions, as in a friendly, almost family-like, environment - and according to scientific studies, in the family and not at fairs is where career choices are made. Unfortunately, young people usually have only two professions to choose from - namely those of their father and mother. Perhaps uncles and aunts - depending on the family structure. Thus, young people often choose a profession that is already represented in the family, which sometimes makes little sense, especially for girls. With our project, we can widen the view in a way that is modern yet familiar to the young people. It also provides perspectives on the many great possibilities and opportunities that young people, especially women, have today. 

We wanted to and have contributed to this project not only financially, but also personally in word and deed. We make women visible and are sure to be perceived as good role models. If young girls in particular choose their professions wisely, this leads to financial security and independence, which in turn improves the social position of women as a whole.  

If these women then pass on their perspectives and professions to their daughters, we can even achieve a sustainable improvement.  


We want and will continue the project!!!  


We are looking for/need:  

1. financial support: one session costs about 3000,-€  

2. womanpower: We want to be able to offer the young people as many professions as possible. Therefore we are looking for women who are willing to present their profession and answer questions.  

3. school contacts: in order to reach as many young people as possible, it is important that they learn about the project.  


If you would like to participate and/or support the project, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions. But we are also open for hints, suggestions and constructive criticism. Please write to: