Every year, 1.8 million people leave school and are then in need of a connection.
However, 25% of young people drop out of their training programs or their university
studies. People without a connection end up in the transition system, which costs
Germany 4.3 billion euros a year.

But our society needs every individual in the right place to make an impact. That's
why we need a network. Because the right networks and connections and up to date
information can help in an uncomplicated way. That's what the non-profit startup
KEY2BE.Me has set as a goal for itself, coordinating people to network people for the
purpose of career orientation.

KEY2BE.ME bears the responsibility and at the same time provides the opportunities for people to
participate in the transition into the professional world in our society.
Their motto: If everyone gives a little bit of their time and their experience,
the young generation can meet real people from the real world and be able to
approach their own future in a conscious and informed way.
The club supports KEY2BE.ME financially, but also with knowledge and
professional experience. In the online seminar, our members will interact with
students attending the 12th grade and answer their questions.

More informations about under www.KEY2BE.Me

Non Profit Network for career support of young adults

We organise and implement national career orientation events. Our goal is to

make professional women visible for young people (boys and girls) when they are finishing school.

Through our network we inspire and empower them to get to know professions they might not have been aware of in their own network and are are interested in or talented for. Like this we hope to inspire them to expand their horizon and choose a profession they love. With this topic we are geared to the motto of Soroptimist International Germany and Europe, as well as the SDGs on “Quality Education” and “Decent Work and Economic Growth”. As an eClub, we contribute to such

events as inspiring role models: we represent a lot of different

professions. We are connected online and therefore are visible online for young adults. We share our own experience and are open for exchange and guidance free of any commercial affiliation. Being able to get in close contact with women in their professions is a chance to change perspectives on  role models and gender bias in the professional life of young adults. The events are available for all secondary schools in Germany. The online format can be “open for all” or can be tailored to specific schools. Our partner and facilitator for such events is the Germany-wide operating nonprofit network KEY2BE.ME for job orientation.